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Aircraft Management

The purpose of an aircraft being managed by a company specializing in this area is, in fact, to give you, the owner of the airplane, the peace of mind and the confidence that the aircraft is being handled and maintained at the highest level possible. Our emphasis will be on finding the most worthwhile method to accomplish this and without you having to invest part of your precious time, the time that purchasing a plane is supposed to save.
Managing an aircraft means that LynxJet’s top priority is always the aircraft owner’s interests and every decision is made bearing that in mind. Looking after your interests is our only concern.

You, as the owner, will be in contact only with the LynxJet manager of your aircraft. He is the one to provide you with all the solutions and to update you regarding the condition of the aircraft. The aircraft manager is in contact with maintenance personnel, the aircraft manufacturer, the insurance company, the Civil Aviation Authority and any other bodies needed to maintain the ongoing management of the aircraft. You, as the owner, can allow us to take care of your aircraft so that you can concentrate on other important matters.
In order to save you money and to operate your aircraft professionally, experience is needed. Experience in how to locate the cheapest refueling company at the next destination of your aircraft, how to locate suitable air crew to replace a sick pilot at the last moment, how to locate replacement parts and flying them overnight to where the aircraft is located while coordinating with local maintenance crews. We know how to do that.
If you are not interested in overall management, we can offer our support in specific subjects – flight operations, managing aircrews, support in dealing with red tape, etc.
Why shouldn’t you earn money from your aircraft?
When you are not using the aircraft, we can make sure that your aircraft will perform business flights for other customers.

We would be pleased to meet you, with no obligation, where we can demonstrate our capabilities and resources. Please call Zur Banner, General Manager of Lynx Jet, Telephone +972-3-7228020 (24 hours a day), or contact us through our online form.