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לינקסג'ט טיסות פרטיותלינקסג'ט טיסות פרטיות
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Complementary Services

LynxJet services offered to you as a customer, neither begin at the airport nor end there.

We see the private flight as a broader service package that should boost the private flight advantages beyond the time spent in the air.

We are pleased to present to you our complementary services that when ordered through us will allow us to time their supply in precise coordination with the flight you booked.


An important part of the private flight is the food and beverages served on board. Every flight LynxJet dispatches includes a high level catering service. Meals served during the flight vary depending on the flight duration, type of aircraft chartered, the equipment installed in the aircraft and special requests.

We can provide a large variety of meals, including meals from selected luxury restaurants. Please tell us what you would like served to yourself and your guests. Basic catering is included in the cost of the flight, but an additional payment might be necessary for special requests.

Ground Transportation

Your arrival at the airport from which your flight will depart and your arrival at your desired location after landing, these are services we will be happy to place at your disposal, in order that you can save time and also arrive with maximum comfort even when on the ground.
We can offer you and your guests a number of ground transportation options: a luxurious vehicle with a chauffeur, a rental vehicle of any type, or a taxi. We will coordinate between your reservation and your flight, even if you change the flight time. Ground transportation includes getting you and your guests to the private flights terminal, and after the security check – right to the aircraft’s door. After landing, we will arrange a pickup car that will wait for you by the threshold of the aircraft, and following passport control, will drive you to your destination of choice.

Personal Security

Sometimes the need arises for personal protection for yourself and for the people who are traveling with you. The need can arise due to a high public profile, sensitive destinations from the security point of view, or merely in order to feel safer.

LynxJet will be pleased to offer you and your fellow passengers personal protection, overt or concealed, that will escort you for the period of time you require. We work with companies specializing in personal security and invite you to discuss with us in detail your security needs so that we can offer the appropriate solution.