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לינקסג'ט טיסות פרטיותלינקסג'ט טיסות פרטיות
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Our Aircraft Fleet
Which aircraft will best suit your flight plans? Let us help you choose the model that will fit your needs!

The Light Jets' cruising speed is lower than other jets categories, with flight times usually a bit longer compared to other jets: between 10 and 20 minutes in short flights, and up to 50 minutes in longer flights.

Turbo-Props are equipped with two jet engines powering propellers. Therefore, the reliability of these planes is no less than that of jet planes.

Midsize Jets are characterized by cabins that allow most people to stand up in, and a flight range of 2700-3300 km, with a few reaching ranges of 4000 km.

Super Midsize Jets can fly 4500-7000 km, allowing flights from Tel Aviv to all European destinations and Central Africa, with no refueling. These planes are as fast as passenger planes, and often faster.

Large Jets will bring you virtually anywhere in the world with at most one refueling stop. Large business jets usually fly higher than regular passenger jets, which allow particularly smooth flights.