First Phenom 100 Landing in Haifa Airport

LynxJet has recently performed the first commercial business jet landing of a Phenom 100 in Haifa Airport

France helps boost Europe’s BizAv Summer

אירועי הספורט והתרבות שנערכו בחודש האחרון בצרפת הביאו לקפיצה משמעותית יחסית בהיקף הפעילות של התעופה הפרטית באירופה יחסית לחורף שעבר: פי 100 יותר בקשות לטיסות למרסיי, יחסית לקיץ הקודם

Selecting A Private Charter Company

It is possible that for flights in different geographic regions of the world, different companies will suit you, such as if you also change the type of aircraft in which you have decided to fly. On the other hand, it is possible that you are convinced there is one company you have checked out over a period of time that can give you an honest professional answer for your changing requirements.

Structure of the Private Charter Market

You have found yourself in a situation where you are considering taking a private flight for a not far away business trip (after you have read the first post in the blog, You could not have considered not…..), you find yourself confronting a selection from  quite a considerable number of options, without knowing how to […]

Why fly in a private jet?

The foremost advantage of taking a private flight is the flexibility and time saving. The option of taking off when the customer wants, bringing the passenger closest to their destination, and then taking off right at the end of the meeting, can save precious time.