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Short Notice Flights

Your commercial flight was canceled and you need to arrive as fast as possible at your destination?
LynxJet is at your service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for such flights. We can, within a very short space of time, check the availability of the aircraft that can fly you to your destination and we can notify you about the options at your disposal. From the moment of confirmation of the flight, we will be quickly at the ready, together with the selected aviation operator, in order to obtain all the permits for the flight and to carry out the flight. We have extensive experience with arranging flights in the minimum of time and we make every effort to give immediate assistance.

Aerial Evacuation from a Danger Zone

There are situations in which you or your company employees need to be evacuated immediately from a danger area. This could be a violent uprising, a political revolution, live fire conflict or a natural disaster. In any event – the evacuation must be fast and efficient.

LynxJet can also come to your assistance in such cases. We are in contact with operators of private aircraft throughout the world and we can be ready in a short period of time for aerial evacuation of you or of your people, from the problem area. With airports closed, we can prepare evacuation from nearby alternate airports.

If you know you are planning to fly to an unstable area, we will be pleased to help you plan a contingency evacuation plan in advance in case of need. We operate together with a company specializing in advanced planning of such aerial evacuation. This could save precious time if and when a dangerous incident occurs.

We can demonstrate our ability with the example of aerial evacuation of a group of managers from Europe to Israel that we carried out in 2010 during the eruption of the Icelandic volcano. Immediately after the eruption, many Western European airports closed their air space. A group of 6 people, including the owners of an infrastructure company and its senior managers, were stranded in Germany after their commercial flight was canceled due to the closing of the airport. They contacted us and requested a rescue flight. For 24 hours we worked with them continuously while locating suitable aircraft to rescue them from different locations and directed the group to arrive at the location recommended. Finally, we found an airport that was open in Montenegro and a Citation 3 aircraft was scrambled by LynxJet to collect them. It arrived at the airport in Montenegro almost at the same time as the group of managers and flew them safe and sound to their final destination.