Acquisition Consulting

LynxJet has much experience in guiding customers interested in purchasing a private airplane, to have shared ownership to lease it or to purchase a block of hours in a private plane for their use.


In the first stage, we will arrange a meeting with you to assess the situation and to obtain the information we need to know, inter alia, to which destinations you intend to fly with the aircraft, how many passengers will usually fly with you, how many hours per year you intend to use the airplane, etc. 

From the data we receive from you, we will design your operative needs.


Now, we have the data ready about the airplane’s purpose and the way it is to be flown. 

We will be assisted by our experience in this field and the tools we have at our service, that are the most up-to-date in the market, for assessing the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of aircraft, in light of your special needs. At the conclusion of this stage, we will recommend 2-3 relevant aircraft types.


For every aircraft type selected, we will produce a route analysis report, we will submit the direct and indirect costs of the airplane and of aircrews who will work with it, we will present its advantages and the limitations of its operation compared to other models, and in addition we will hand you a safety report of every relevant model.

After selecting the desired model of aircraft, we will present the various possibilities for use of the aircraft – or by full purchase, fractional ownership or in partnership, leasing in different ways or purchasing block of hours, in order to find the best way for you to utilize the plane.


We will also accompany you in a continuous survey of the aircraft market to find the best deal, and when it is found, we will send a technical representative on our behalf to check the airplane nominated for the purchase.


The issue of financing is a main one that must be dealt with when discussing purchasing a private airplane. Here too, we can be of great assistance to you by presenting the various financing possibilities and applying to bodies specializing in financing aircraft purchases.


With every issue regarding the transaction from the legal point of view – we work with the best, with lawyers who deal in the main with transactions of private airplane purchases in Israel. Thus, you can receive the best advice regarding the state registration preferred for the airplane, possibilities for commercial operation, checking of the legal status of the aircraft, formulating the sales contract, etc.


To coordinate an introductory meeting with no obligation and with absolute discretion, a meeting in which we will show you the ways we can help you to attain the purchase of the best aircraft for your needs –
Please contact Zur Banner, General Manager LynxJet, At +972-3-7228020 (24 hours a day), or contact us by means of our online form.

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