Large Jet

Private jets in this category will bring you virtually anywhere in the world with at most one refueling stop. Their cruise speed is similar to that of passenger planes and often faster. These planes usually fly higher than regular passenger jets, which allow particularly smooth flights. These are particularly roomy planes, generally with 3 distinct seating areas, and always have divans that can be opened into beds. Each facing pair of seats can also be opened into as comfortable bed. There are significant differences between the seating configurations in aircraft in the Large Jets category, and this should be checked before the flight. The flight attendant has a relatively large galley to use during the flight, which usually also features an espresso machine, oven/microwave and refrigeration device. Some of the larger planes in this category have two lavatories – in the front and rear of the plane. The cargo holds are particularly large and each can hold any reasonable cargo you might wish to take with you, with most of the equipment accessible from inside the plane mid-flight.


Maximum Passengers

7000-12500 Km

Maximum Range

850-940 KmH

Maximum Cruising Speed