Frequently Asked Questions

Planning Your Flight

A private flight allows you to fly to your own timetable, with full flexibility, to any destination you wish. A private flight saves you time and provides you with security and comfort. The privacy in the flight allows you to work, to have meetings or simply to relax on the way to the destination in a spacious seat with personal service. There is no need to wait in long lines at the airport, to wait in the aircraft and to wait until all the passengers have embarked, and often to hold in the air above the destination airport due to congestion.

When you fly privately – you are not dependent on anyone. You can arrive at the airport only half an hour before the take off, and even if you are late – the crew and the aircraft will wait for you and your guests. This flexibility will assist you to make the journey much more effective.

A journey to two meeting in Europe, could take two days with a scheduled airline, compared to a private flight where you depart in the morning and are back home on the same day.

A private flight for a vacation with friends or family will allow you to utilize most of the time for the vacation itself without wasting long hours at the airport and on journeys from the airport to the site of the vacation.

With a private flight you can also land at smaller airports than the larger and more congested airports that the scheduled airline companies have to use, you can get closer to the final destination instead of having to be committed to a number of airports – you will have the freedom to select one of hundreds of airports in Europe and the Middle East.

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Very simply. You can contact us at +972-3-722-8020 (24/7) and tell us to where you wish to fly and when. We will offer you airports close to your destination, organize catering for the flight, transportation that will take you from the airport , and even hotels….everything and anything you need to make your journey relaxing, comfortable and efficient. Our price quotations will include a detailed timetable including the take off time and estimated landing time, description of the aircraft and its contents. Alternatively, you can use the online form and we will contact you at the time convenient for you.

We can organize a private flight in a minimum of 3 hours from the time of the request to the take off. However, this depends on the type of requested aircraft and the destination. There are destinations that arrival to them requires coordination with the authorities, that could take more time, and not all types of aircraft are available all the time at the departure airport. Clearly, in every case it is worthwhile contacting us and ask – we are available 24 hours a day.

When you have requested information for booking a flight, we check with you your precise needs concerning everything about your required destination, number of passengers that will be on the flight, level of accessories and comfort requested and the budget at your disposal. According to this data, and from our large professional experience, together with our thorough familiarization with the features of the various aircraft, we will offer you the types of relevant aircraft for performing your flight from all the aircraft available at that time.

Since LynxJet does not itself operate the aircraft, we are assisted by companies that operate private aircraft from around the world, with appropriate licenses. Our recommendation of the aircraft types will be completely neutral and directed only by the customer’s needs. Unlike aviation operators we are not restricted in choice to a specific aircraft.

All the aircraft we will offer are multi-engine aircraft with reliable jet engines (we do not offer piston-driven engines), flown by two qualified pilots. The aircraft can carry from 4 to 15 passengers in comfortable seats. In the aircraft there are toilets and even a small galley, equipped with various levels of accessories according to the type of aircraft.

Additional details about the types of business jet aircraft can be seen here.

In most cases, yes. When you hire your airplane through us, you decide the timetable of the flight from the point of flight distance and the on-ground time. You can decide on intermediate stops, over night or a stay of several days. We will do our utmost to find the appropriate solution for your plans. You can also be sure that Lynx Jet will adapt itself to any changes at the last moment in your plans.

Of course. as a principle, the cost of hiring a private aircraft is based on a flight to the destination airport and back to its home base so that the price quotation is calculated on two flight legs. However, if your timetable is flexible, we will do our utmost to locate for you an airplane executing an empty leg and thus you can fly at a significantly lower price.


The cost of the flight depends on the size of the aircraft, your destination and the time needed to be spent at the destination. A two way flight from Israel to a nearby destination such as Larnaca in Cyprus can cost only a few thousand dollars in a light business jet or a Turbo Prop (up to 8 passengers). We will be happy to advise you in order to decide the most worthwhile flight to your destination in accordance with your needs. You can apply to us at any time to receive a price quotation through our online form (and we will get back to you at the time you request) or simply contact +972-3-722-8020, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The price quotation that you will receive from us contains the price for the flight to the requested destination (depending on the size of the aircraft, type and time of the flight, calculated based on the weather conditions and the aircraft capability), landing fees and other airport fees, costs for flying above the airspace of various countries, catering, flight attendant services and the cost of the aircraft and the crew remaining at the destination field for the requested time. Additions to the price may occur in the case of requests for special meals or other special cases. In every case, all the cost details, as well as the optional ones, will be detailed precisely in the price quotation offered to you.

Lynx Jet makes every effort to find the best price for your flight. If your schedule is flexible, we can achieve a significant saving for you in the cost of the flight through our unique solutions – flight sharing and locating a suitable empty leg.

During the Flight

The flight will depart according to the time that you fix. Usually, there is no need to arrive more than 30 minutes before the takeoff, and if we are speaking of smaller airports, even less. On arrival at the airport, you will be escorted by a special ground crew and you will pass the passport control and security check in the special hall or prior to the other passengers. Remember that even if you are late – the aircraft will wait for you….

The pilots of your private airplane will escort you, your guests and your luggage to the terminal at the destination airport that could be a special terminal for private flights or the usual terminal where the passport control will be carried out without a line. We will take care to coordinate that the vehicle that will take you to your meeting, hotel etc. will wait for you at the right spot after the landing. Lynx Jet will be happy to organize for you all the ground transport required. We will also be pleased to handle reservations with hotels at the standard you would like.

The type of catering served in the airplane depends on the length of the flight, type of aircraft leased and the equipment in it and also according to the requests of the customer. The refreshment can start from quality sandwiches and various light beverages up to luxury restaurant style meals with wines from your selection. Please read here additional information about catering in our flights.


Lynx Jet does not directly operate aircraft and does not own any business jets. We work with aviation operators in Israel and abroad licensed by the applicable authorities to operate business aircraft. We select from the aircraft operated by these companies that are at our disposal and that meet the strictest safety requirements, the most suitable aircraft for performing the flight you request. Our big advantage over aviation operators is that such companies will always prefer to offer you the aircraft they operate, even when not in the best interests of the customer, while Lynx Jet, as an independent body, will select the aircraft most suitable for you since we have no obligation to the company operating the aircraft.

Certain weather conditions, such as fog, lightning, rain, hail or snow could affect flight safety. On extremely bad weather days, your flight coordinator will analyze the current forecast and consult with the flight crew, and decide if the aircraft can take off safely. Sometimes, it is preferable to postpone the take off until the weather improves. In addition, if there is a possibility that you cannot reach your destination due to bad weather, your flight coordinator can select for you an alternative airport safer for landing and will organize for you the means of transport needed to allow you to reach the original destination. The flight coordinator can work with you to ensure safest, smoothest and most efficient flight possible.

Firstly, for every aircraft hired to fly that you booked through Lynx Jet, two pilots will be flying – Captain and First officer. The initial requirement is that the pilots hold a license for the type of aircraft they are flying, granted to them by the Civil Aviation Authority of the national registration of the aircraft. The captain usually has thousands of hours flying experience and in most cases so do the first officers. The pilots meet all the rating tests required by the aviation authorities and most of them undergo an annual refresher on the same type of aircraft in the simulator. The unique safety monitoring that Lynx Jet applies to the airplane and the crews flying it, can provide you with more precise details prior to the flight regarding the pilots on the flight you have booked.

Business jets leased by us for your private flight, belong to two categories –first, they can belong to a big commercial company that purchases the aircraft. Since they are based on the number of flight hours per year by their managers and their employees, ownership of the aircraft allows them the most convenient and efficient way to fly privately. Despite the fact that these companies often use the aircraft, the aircraft are not always in use. These companies turn to licensed aviation operators or set up such companies themselves in order to lease their aircraft when they are not being used.

The second category is that of business jets purchased by private aviation operators licensed with the intention of leasing them only for private flights of external customers.

With both categories – licensed aviation operators are the ones responsible for the aircraft – they employ the crews, are responsible for the airworthiness and are responsible for the maintenance in the licensed repair center.