Discounted Flights

Flight Sharing

LynxJet‘s Flight Sharing program is designed to allow our customers to arrive at their destinations in a private flight together with another customer or customers who need to arrive at the same destination or destination nearby at a similar time.

This way you can take advantage of a private flight and yet pay half of the cost of the flight compared to a regular private flight.

If you would like us to look for people to share your flight with, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Empty Legs

The term Empty Leg refers to the segment (called “leg”) of a the flight on its way to pick up passengers at some destination or en route back to its home base after drop off. In both cases the aircraft carries out this segment of the flight when it is empty of passengers and only the crew is on the flight deck.

These flights are significantly cheaper than the regular commercial and private flights due to the desire of the operating companies to exploit the aircraft that in any case must carry out the flight segment and thus they can receive payment. The companies are willing in many cases to sell the flight segment at a considerable reduction that can reach half the price of a regular flight.

It is important for you to know that we can also take advantage of the empty legs if they pass close by airports that you requested. Even if we need to make a small change in the aircraft’s route – the cost of the flight will be very low, and therefore it is important for us to know in advance the destinations you are interested in reaching.

It should also be noted that this type of flight does not usually have a cancellation fee. Therefore booking an empty leg, even at the last moment does not involve any monetary risk.

One Way Air Taxis

Short Private Flights Within Europe

In recent years some Light Jets category models  with a cabin for only 4-5 seats (such as the Citation Mustang or the Phenom 100) have begun operating in Europe in a format known as the Floating Fleet Air Taxi.

In this operation format the jet flies its customers, lands at the destination airport and remains there, in order to wait for the next flight from the airport or from a nearby location. This way the cost of returning the jet back to its home base, free of passengers, is reduced. Even if the jet must take a short reposition flight in order to make the next trip, the cost for the customer is still very low compared with the usual price he would have been charged based on the standard operation model, which includes the cost of the empty flight to the home base. The lower cost also derives from the fact that these jets consume very little fuel compared to the larger jets.

The flight range for jets, from the Very Light Jets category, is about two to three flight hours, which places them in an ideal position to execute trips from any destination to any other destination within Europe.

In most of Europe’s airports, LynxJet can arrange rapid transfer between the commercial flight and the private jet, which will save you time and hassle, and enable you to start your vacation, or reach your business meeting, with peace of mind.

Domestic flights in the United States

The Floating Fleets operation concept has existed at the basis of flight formats in the United States for a while. In this case as well, LynxJet Private Flights operates in collaboration with many private jet operators who offer especially low prices for internal flights due to the fact that the cost of the flight is calculated almost exclusively based on the duration of the flight requested by the passenger, without the jet’s return to its home base airport. In the United States, this is also the way that executive jets of all categories fly.