Aircraft Maintenance

  • Highly experienced team – Our teams include EASA, FAA, and Isle of Man engineers and maintenance managers
  • 24/7 global service – Our maintenance managers troubleshoot any problem, support the crew, and provide a rapid solution no matter where the aircraft is stuck, even in the smallest airport
  • Rapid repair – We fly in parts to repair the aircraft wherever it is, and use mobile repair teams to fix it anywhere
  • Close maintenance supervision – In heavy maintenance events, we hire an expert to supervise all service center activities on-site, and monitor costs for each and every task, saving up to tens of thousands of dollars
  • Maintenance optimization – We understand that ‘time is money’ and ensure minimal downtime and maximal readiness for short-notice flights
  • Optimal parts program utilization– Working with parts, engine, and warranty program providers, we maximize funding and get the most out of existing warranties
  • Meticulous documentation – We use the most professional systems to document all maintenance activities in order to comply with authorities and maintain aircraft value toward a future sale