Light Jet

The Light Jets‘ cruising speed is relatively low compared to other jet aircraft categories, and their flight times are usually a bit longer compared to other jet planes: between 10 and 20 minutes in short flights, and up to 50 minutes in longer flights. The cabins of these planes are sitting cabins, meaning that passengers remain seated throughout the flight and standing up is not possible. The smaller aircraft in this category, such as the Citation Mustang and the Phenom 100, which are called Very Light Jets, have 4-5 seats in just one seating area. In others, the cabin features two seating areas. The aircraft is always flown by two pilots and the service on these planes does not include in-flight service, unless it is provided by one of the pilots.


Maximum Passengers

1000-2400 Km

Maximum Range

570-690 KmH

Maximum Cruising Speed