At the end of the day, safety is the most important factor for us, and that is not just a declaration. We carry out viable actions to verify that a high level of safety, above the minimum required, is maintained by the company operating the aircraft that we lease for you. There is no other company in Israel that operates in a similar way to LynxJet in this domain.


The basic check of LynxJet is a preliminary check with aviation operators to ensure that the requirements of the aviation authorities in Israel and in the world are met for operating private flights. This check comprises all the licenses and permits required in accordance with the law, including insurance appropriate for the operations. We also verify on a continuous basis that these permits remain valid and are not canceled for one reason or another.

We do not satisfy ourselves with the basic check. We go one step further in order to maintain the flight safety of our customers.


We collect data on the ratings of the licenses of the aircrews flying the aircraft, their flight experience on the aircraft, the aircraft repair centers, etc. In order to carry out the monitoring of aviation operators with whom we work in Europe, we are assisted by a company specializing in gathering aviation data and rating safety of private aircraft operators, according to this data.