Saint Moritz

In a Private Jet

Anyone traveling to Saint Moritz – the skiing capital of Switzerland – on a commercial flight will have to drive almost three hours from the nearest airport. On a private flight, however, you can deplane just five minutes away from the cable car.

Swiss Saint Moritz is one of the most popular destinations among skiers during the winter season. Anyone traveling on a commercial flight will have to land in Zurich or Lugano and will have to drive two-three hours. On the other hand, private jets can land in Engadin, also known as Samedan, named after its nearby town. It is a small airport servicing general aviation only – no commercial flights. It is the highest airport in Europe (1,707 M above sea level), and its hours of operation are very dependent on the season and weather. Due to its unique condition – the surrounding topography, the wind patterns, and thin air – only authorized pilots who receive specific training for the airport can land there.

  • Field Hours:
    Summer 08:00 – 19:00.
    Winter 08:00 until dusk.
  • Website:
  • Private jet parking restrictions:Parking is extremely limited so advanced notice is required.
  • Duration of flight from Israel:TBD

VIP Services

  • Vip Lounge/ GA terminal:Small terminal dedicated for private flights.
  • Isolated security check:Yes.
  • Prioritized passport control:Yes.

Saint Moritz, Switzerland

In a Private Jet

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