5 good reasons to fly in a private jet

I decided to open the blog with the most common question in the field, a question I am asked dozens of times once we sent out a quote in response to  requests sent to the company I manage: Why use a private jet if the cost is so much more expensive?

This question is not always easy to answer, and the answer is not always suitable for everyone. Taking a private flight is sometimes perceived, wrongly, as a form of Show Off and hedonism. This is due to the form in which such flights were marketed in the past. In recent years, particularly since the crisis of 2008, agencies involved in the business aviation industry, know to emphasize the real benefits of private air travel, and with your permission, so will I.

Flexibility and saving time

The foremost advantage of taking a private flight is the flexibility and time saving . The option of taking off when the customer wants, bringing the passenger closest to their destination, even if it’s a little airport, and then taking off right at the end of the meeting, can save many hours and even a whole day when compared with a flight in a regular airline. The value of time among senior executives in large companies as well as among business people is worth a lot of money.  This time savings is worth to the company and to those managers — the amount of money involved in chartering a private plane and flying their executives.
Various business aviation organizations, namely the U.S. NBAA, proved time and again by a mathematical calculation that includes an assessment of the time value of top executives from their salary, that the value of time saved on a private flight was more then the cost of the private flight. This advantage is also reflected in an interesting study carried out by the American adviser NEXA, which shows correlation between the performance of companies and their use of private aviation.


The majority of private aircraft jets fly at a higher altitudes then those of scheduled airlines. If you look on the monitor on your next scheduled flight, you’ll see that the flight altitude is somewhat 34 to 39 thousand feet. Most business jets fly at altitudes of 40 to 45 thousand feet and even reach to 51 thousand feet. Flying in these altitudes makes it much easier to go over the stormy weather systems, air density and the risk of conflict is very small, and the air is stable.
In addition, many advanced avionics systems are installed in these business planes, well before they are installed in the regular airlines planes. As an example, I’ll bring a system that enables infrared image display – this system allows the pilot to see the landing surface, completely in the dark even when in clouds. Such a display is installed in many private planes, but is far from entering common airlines planes use.
At LynxJet we go even one step further to enhance safety. We actively monitor operations of the operators which we lease aircraft from, to ensure that they all have the necessary permits and insurances, and that the air crew who fly their clients are licensed as required.


Start with the fact that there is no need to squeeze in long lines for security and passport control. These checks are conducted privately, quickly and without waiting. The plane takes off as soon as the client and his guests are properly seated. Flight Service is performed by an experienced flight attendant, and the seats are usually extra-wide and open turn into beds. Many aircrafts also offer specialized sofas in the cabin. You can also enjoy a stable ride due to the high altitudes business jets are flying at.


In a private plane, the customer only finds himself with those he wants to fly with, be they his company associates, colleagues, clients or other guests. The flight time is not wasted and can be used as a business meeting, professional discussions, preparation for meetings or for any other purpose.
The important detail here is that no stranger can interrupt, or hear what is said in these discussions.  In an airline flight, even if it made business class, there will be others that are listening and there is always a chance that they would be related to one or more competitors, something not desirable when it comes to sensitive business content.


As I mentioned before, the customer is the one who determines who will be with him on the plane. There is no danger of carrying unknown passengers with unknown intentions.

Private flying is not an appropriate solution for every flight that  managers and business owners need to make, but in some cases, the value of the benefits I detailed is well worth the money that the company or business spend on the private flight. The reality is that the use of private flights is rising with the years, along with an increase in aircraft fleet worldwide, all this with the

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