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Over 6000 islands spread across the coast of southern Greece, Rhodes provides plenty of relaxation options and an unforgettable holiday overlooking the blue Mediterranean Sea. The picturesque islands among their white houses, the fresh food, and the sense of being frozen in time have made Greece and the surrounding islands a popular destination, where you can choose to stay on an island and live in the moment, or go island hopping with great ease.

Diagoras International Airport is located in the western part of Rhodes, and it is the fourth busiest airport in terms of operation in all of Greece. The airport operates one terminal, sharing domestic and international flights.

  • Field Hours:24/7
  • Website:https://www.rhodes-airport.org
  • Private jet parking restrictions:
    Winter – no restrictions.
    Summer – parking exceeding 1-2 nights is occasionally prohibited.
  • Duration of flight from Israel:An hour and 20 minutes

VIP Services

  • VIP Lounge:No.
  • Separate check in lounge:Prioritized but not isolated.
  • Priority Passport Inspection:Yes, escorted by dedicated VIP team.

Rhodes, Greece

In a Private Jet

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