In a Private Jet

Landing in Athens allows you the leisure to plan a luxurious vacation, combining spectacular views characterized by the Greek “inland”, unique historic sites, and easy access to all the beauty the Greek islands have to offer – a relaxed and tranquil vacation, just a step away from home.

Athens International Airport is located approximately 25 KM away from the Greek capital. The Airport contains two runways and two terminals – A primary and a secondary. The main terminal serves most travelers. Roughly two-thirds of the passengers and half of the flights are to destinations across Greece. The private jet terminal is located about 3 KM from the main terminal.

  • Field Hours:24/7
  • Website:
  • Private jet parking restrictions:
    Winter – no restrictions.
    Summer – parking exceeding 3 hours need special permission
  • Duration of flight from Israel:Two hours

VIP Services

  • VIP Lounge:Yes.
  • Separate check in lounge:Yes.
  • Priority Passport Inspection:Yes, escorted by dedicated VIP team.

Athens, Greece

In a Private Jet

  • Price includes round-trip flights
  • Flights from all airports in Israel
  • Executive Jets from the Light Jets category
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