Super Midsize Jet

Super Midsize Jets in this category can fly distances of 4500-7000 km, which allow flights from Tel Aviv to all European destinations and to central Africa, with no refueling. These planes are as fast as passenger planes, and often faster. These planes are generally capable of flying at higher altitudes than passenger jet cruising levels, which ensures a particularly stable flight. The cabins are roomy and allow most passengers to stand (cabin height of 1.76-1.85 m) and feature two distinct seating areas. All of the planes are equipped with a galley, which can be used to heat the food served on the plane. A flight attendant shall provide service to passengers on all flights in the category’s aircraft. These planes have large cargo holds, and in some the cargo can be accessed mid-flight. Planes in this category often have divans that can be opened into beds and in virtually all of these planes, each facing pair of seats can also be opened into as comfortable bed. This is a relatively new aircraft category, equipped with sophisticated aeronautics and advanced flight safety systems.


Maximum Passengers

4500-7000 Km

Maximum Range

800-870 KmH

Maximum Cruising Speed