Aircraft Operations

  • Detailed planning – We create the optimal flight plan for each and every flight, weighing in schedule, weather and budget, and ensuring flight safety using a risk management system
  • Optimal flight plan coordination – Based on years of experience and a deep understanding of the civil aviation world, we coordinate optimal departure and arrival slots, even in the busiest airports, and quickly adapt to changing schedule requirements
  • Cost-conscience flight plan alternatives – We always suggest cost-effective alternative routes, including choosing an airport based on fuel price, not only proximity to destination
  • Top-end service, in-flight and on the ground– Chosen through a careful screening process, we work with top-end, price conscience service providers that ensure the smoothest coordination and highest service level
  • Minimal response time – Whether an aircraft is stuck, requiring passengers to use an alternative lift or ground transport, or an unplanned flight must be arranged within hours, we coordinate changes fast to keep everyone on schedule as planned
  • Detailed passenger briefing – We prepare a detailed travel itinerary for all passengers and team members to ensure a smooth operation