Hawker 800XP/850

The Hawker 800XP / 850 is a leading private jet built by British Aerospace, with the longest flight capacity in its category.

The aircraft’s cabin is usually fitted out for eight passengers: four in the front of the plane in the Club Seating area, with each pair of seats facing each other; and four in the rear of the cabin – a three-seater sofa and a front-facing seat. The seats are all rotational and offer all the comfort of a larger aircraft. The aircraft has an internal luggage compartment only, with full access to the luggage during flight.

The Hawker 800XP / 850’s competitive advantage is its unique ability to balance the features that have the greatest impact on a private aircraft – fuel consumption, climb, cruise performance and take-off distances. 

  • Maximum range – 4700 km (enables direct flights to all of Europe, North Africa, and flights to the East Coast of the US with just two stops)
  • Maximum number of passengers in an ideal configuration – 8
  • Maximum cruise speed – 827 km/h
  • Cabin height – 1.73 m